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    Child's Play Charity Confirmation

    Making a new thread since I haven't been able to follow the other one due to time constraint.

    "My statement is pretty short; I'm very cautious due to all of the personal account information that was stolen from me over the course of this investigation. As I previously stated, there was no way for me to find out where the missing money went, as I did not have control over the PayPal account in question. However, the fraud case (identity theft) submitted to PayPal has been resolved; and they have restored the lost information to me, I was able to confirm that the money was indeed sent to Child's Play. Here is the screenshot of the transaction (I've removed all of the personal information that could be used for identity theft similar to what started this debacle) as well as the confirmation from CP that none of the money was missing. I apologize for the delay, but without the original transaction IDs, I was unable to confirm or get confirmation from CP prior to today.

    It is very unfortunate that the Dota 2 community had to be plauged by this ridiculous and dramatic witch hunt, when a simple phone call could have cleared up this confusion from the start, but I understand the Dota community's penchant for rumor.

    I apologize for the negligence on my part which contributed to all of this drama, and I also apologize for the delay in my final and conclusive statement, but the police investigation in collaboration with the PayPal investigation took more time than expected.

    I am no longer making any more statements regarding this event. All of my personal information that was previously listed (such as email accounts, etc) has been changed. If you are a donor of the second widget, feel free to contact me with your original email/Transaction ID. If you would like help obtaining this receipt confirmation of your donation, contact me any time and I will gladly facilitate the process." - CP Confirmation (This is mainly what took so long, as I they refused to verify without the transaction ID which was lost during the theft of the PP account). - Original PP transaction of the money that was, indeed sent. - Another confirmation that PayPal was able to help me locate in account history.

    As I previously mentioned, it is my pleasure to help any of the original donors obtain their tax receipt and proof of donation from CP, but I will not take or make any other statements or comments regarding this issue until the rest of the police investigation concerning the identity and account theft has been completed.

    Thank you.

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    Edit: Someone needs to make a collage of all the posts saying damning evidence.
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    I think the only remaining question anyone could have would be what are the dates associated with the payments sent (confirming that they weren't only made last week, for instance)? But other than that it appears the money has been donated. Good on you for trying to clear this mess up. The transaction date should be [edit: under the] invoice ID (which should be blocked out, btw) underneath the "item title", I believe.

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    sorry but these screenshots can so easily be PSed!!! either way ima wait for more info

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    How come all the confirmation have no dates on them? You may have paid Child's Play on retrospect after getting caught but I guess that is still better than nothing.

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    Ranged Creep

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    Lol recieved on september 7th u did stole the money and now who knows what other moron gave u the 2k to try this

    Also the donation ammount was 3.7k with 2 different widgets one with 2k and the other with 1.7 or something

    So fishy you are

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    As echoed previously, some dates on when that payment was made would be very beneficial, as that transaction could have been made in the last week. I think if we were shown that the payment was made back when it was originally supposed to, then that would clear the matter up entirely.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PedMar View Post
    Lol recieved on september 7th u did stole the money and now who knows what other moron gave u the 2k to try this

    Also the donation ammount was 3.7k with 2 different widgets one with 2k and the other with 1.7 or something

    So fishy you are
    2.2k on the widget linked to Sayuri's Paypal, and 1.3k on the one linked to Gosu's.

    Also, why no dates on the payments themselves?
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    Everyone above me is correct, something from Child's Play or Paypal should be provided that shows the dates the money was transferred, because right now it looks like you got $2,200 dollars and are trying to save your reputation.

    Also, can we remember that she originally said she had no knowledge of the 2nd widget:

    I have a strong feeling we should be thanking your parents for having that money eventually get to Child's Play.

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    The CP confirmation was dated on the 7th because they refused to send confirmation prior to the original transaction ID being sent to them. I was unable to access this transaction ID until yesterday, because PayPal did not restore my account until then (the account was deleted by Hilger).

    The pictures are edited due to the fact that many people have tried to steal my identity with the posted information in these past couple of weeks; as the CP confirmation receipt says, you can contact CP itself to verify your donation, or contact me and I will help any donor contact and confirm with CP themselves. I will not post any more of my account information.

    I don't really mind that some people will ignorantly continue to believe circumstantial evidence, even though this is the second time the Charity has confirmed that I did not steal money.

    The internet is ignorant, and some people just enjoy drama.

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