Hey, we are currently looking for two new players that can join our roster. Itīs important that you speak swedish and have good knowledge about dota 2.

It is important that you are a very good player and are able to play different roles due to we not haveing any specific roles at the moment. Of course its important that you have a microphone, we are currently useing skype as VOIP.
Your age should be atleast 20 due to us being 20 and older so if you are way young neither of us will like it and being mature is something we value.
We are in it for the long run, if this is something that you are not interested in.....
The plan is to get into leagues and imrove as a team and get as good as we can become!

We all have experience from competetive plays from different games and have backgrounds in Dota and HON.
If you think this is something for you then you can get in touch with me by steam or skype
Skype: Karlzn2
Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197986187426/