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    [UK] Team LF HS Hard Support/Carry player! #DENCH

    Add me on steam: smcskyda

    Team is looking for a UK-based player (preferably england), preferably able to lan in january, which is being held in London.

    Our experience as individuals:
    myself: dota 1 since 2007
    mesmerize: dota 1 since 2005
    sahtyre: dota 1 since 2006
    #yoloqueuedota: dota 2 since start of beta 600wins MM.

    Your experience: similar to our level. We're efficient in all heroes and play some at a very-high level, so we'll expect the same. If you're going to be our carry you need to get 50+ ck every 10mins no matter if we're winning or losing. you should be able pick up the necessary items at the right time before its too late. e.g. sven bkb after 20mins is not acceptable. Similarly with support, we want correct support skill building, efficient warding and counter warding.
    That level is what we're looking for so please don't waste our time if otherwise.
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    seemed like nice guys when we played them, good luck in search

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    hey. I'm from hertfordshire- currently playing on a mac but will soon have a laptop.. I've added you . Thanks

    experience- dota 1 since 2004- level 54 ladder garena.
    experience- dota 2 for 2 months with a Vmware
    (loads of disconnects but kdr is 2.17 )
    I can play hard carry although i prefer ganker support- roaming support. thanks
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    Ranged Creep

    Sep 2012
    69 add me so we can see eachother playing

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