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    [EU] Organisation looking for a team.

    AVENUE Esports is an European organization, formed in October 2011 by Mart Heijnen and has continuously grown since its origin. Mart Heijnen, the founder of AVENUE, seeked out different people that are willing to help him with the growth of the organisation. After Mart created a solid base of people around him AVENUE started to get recognized by the community and multiple professional teams and players stated there interest in the organization.

    After more than 1 year two staff-members had to end their relation with AVENUE due to personal issues. Mart contacted Erwin, former manager of Hazardous gaming, who was willing to bring aid and set AVENUE’s view back on the goals that were set in October 2011.

    We believe 2013 is going to be a big year for AVENUE. New staff & management are going to strive for the best results we can achieve as an organization. Next to that we added an expansion to our domain with the addition of professional console gaming. We aim for the highest standards possible but still remain our goal of making everyone’s stay pleasant and enjoyable. Never forget, the motivation to get to the top of your game as an individual or as a group comes through joy and comfort!

    Avenue is looking for a new DotA2 team. The country doesn’t really matter if the team shows an interest to us. The manager who will be in contact with us will have to speak English. and definitely a fluent one, if you don’t speak it, don’t bother contacting me. (Speaking Dutch or French is a plus).

    Our ambition is to become stronger and in the future fighting against the good teams. Our project is serious, and so funding’s might be given if the team is doing well. (You really have to be good for this, we aren’t kidding either on it.)

    If you think you match our critera, then please feel free to get in touch, we're going to hand pick the best applicant and hopefully work with that individual to create a stable and powerful line up, having got experience in and vs top teams we know what we're looking for and we know what we're capable of.

    Having a team application to present us is still a plus.
    Do not wait to show your motivation.

    Contacts details:
    skype: hiddenz1

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    Thanks for the bump, really appreciated !!

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    Go help him!
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    Sounds awesome for Teams which are looking for things like that, nice one to help the community, bump

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    Considering the Dutch roots, I'm thinking SingSing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arclitewut View Post
    Sounds awesome for Teams which are looking for things like that, nice one to help the community, bump
    Thank you!! I'm waiting for people to contact us!!

    Quote Originally Posted by zpectre View Post
    Considering the Dutch roots, I'm thinking SingSing.
    I'm waiting for a contact with him that would be sweet!


    A little bump! Just to precise that I'm at work the week so I might not be on skype. Still you can send me mails ;)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Taxer View Post

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    " if you donít speak it, donít bother contacting me.".
    "We don't want some trash players so please don't waste our time".

    Before getting into e-sports, try to get some manners. As for now it seems like this whole thing is run by 18 Yrs old kiddos. I'm following competitive dota since 2007 and can't recall any respected organisation calling dota players "trashes" or forcing conditions in unmannered way. I definietely wouldn't even bother with this one, neither any of serious players.

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