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    [New] Swedish team looking Swedish ms players

    [4K] - Fork Gaming is currently searching for more Swedish players to join our fairly new roster. We have played quite a bit but had some issues due to teamwork and large skill gaps. Due to this, we removed several players from our roster and therefore continue to look for “mid skill” swedes interested in playing DotA2 in a competitive setting. We are searching for primarily support/solo sidelane players right now but many of us are flexible with our roles, we primarily pick our roles after what heroes we are good with. As of now we are four people looking for three more, to make sure we always have people willing to play available.

    Our goals as a team are quite simple:
    To have fun, avoid drama at all costs and develop internet bromance.
    Improve our mediocre DotA skills to the next level.
    And finally, compete in cups, ladders, local lans, whatever becomes available.

    How we want you to be:
    You need to be relaxed and social. You should be “mid skill” as that is what we search for when we scrim. We’ve had a couple of people who barely used our voice chat at all and that alone is enough for us to not want to play with you, make sure you have a working set of vocal chords and a microphone before contacting us.

    Besides that you really need to be aware of how flawed your (and our) play as a “mid skill” team is. This means you are fine with not being a top-level player (yet) and therefore take criticism accordingly. We also make use of a team captain, and we expect you to listen to what this appointed leader has to say, or things turn to chaos pretty quickly.

    Finally, we expect you to be at least 16 years old, as the average age in the team is 18.

    We play a couple of hours daily as of now, we don’t expect you to play four hours daily but you should be somewhat flexible during the evenings for the bigger part of the week or you just won’t be able to play with us.

    If you found what you just read at least slightly interesting, go ahead and contact us. We won’t make you sign any contracts, just come play a game or two with us and we take it from there. Contact information below.
    IRC: #forkgaming
    Skype: pontan4
    Steam: wille442

    We look forward to playing with new people!
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    Sounds interesting. Good Luck with your team
    I like turleZ

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    nejnej_Ir i steam, adda mig så kan vi köra några games.

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    Jeg er norsk. Holder det?
    I COULD be wrong, but I seriously doubt it!

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