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    Advanced freaking crazy Dota 2 Moves and Combos

    Hey everyone,

    the reason why I love Dota is because you can be as creative as you want and that you will never have twice the same game.

    Because I am a big fan of advanced combos i started building up a list with descriptions and explanations to share them to Dota 2 players.

    So if you dont know what a fountain hook is or how you can do "Dendi's" Puck Bottle Refill, then take a look at Dota 2 Strategy !

    If you got some suggestions with stuff for me to add, please let me know!

    And last but not least. if you are looking for some usual "how to play that hero guide" you better stay here, because i am really just focussing on some specific strategy stuff;)

    Kind regards

    Admiral Counterpush

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    Ranged Creep
    Oct 2012

    Site has a nice setup and well explains tips and tricks with images and videos.
    Nice job, well executed.

    A low-mid skill player
    I'll try to improve. :p

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    I have to say I lost every single game when an idiot were using medusa ''trick'' cuz this isnt rly a ''trick'' if u know what i mean))

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    @StaticClow: Thanks a lot!
    @Impetous: You are right, it's not a real "trick". But it is not such a fun move as a fountain hook. Actually the medusa jungle start is a quite serious one and you should rather compare it to how to jungle best with an axe.

    Perhaps its a bit weird to call it a trick, but I had to choose that term for better search engine optimization.
    What I'm interested in, what did they fuck up in order to fail so hard?XD

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    May 2012
    Germany; Bodenseee

    this medusa trick was at first a tinker strat. just saying.
    Im a tree, not Roshan^^

    "Timeline" of hero introduction

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    Ranged Creep
    Aug 2012

    finally, not another nerf hero X, or vote for best midlane-caster-master chef etc thread.

    interesting ideea for a website. Here are some ideas:
    -(mag)skewer+chen->fountain(about the same way as fointain hook works). Also mag/pudge with wisp and recall does basicly the same thing.

    -(this one's for in the future, when techies gets into d2)lane tiny and techies, tell techies to put land mines in the forest where enemy heroes can't see him, wait till he gets 4-5 bombs and tell him to stand on the mines. Toss a enemy hero on to techies, and profit ! i allways have a blast with a friend of mine doing this, and he gets gold for his items, and i get space to farm my stuff.

    -(again, this is for the future) vengefull + techies lane. kind of the same thing as with tiny, push the lane a bit so techies can put land mines on the lane, but on the edge where creeps don't step, let the lanes push back, go into mines with venge and swap. This allso works great for when the enemy has gem, and you have 1200 range swap.

    -fast dominator with luna(or anybody that is good with early dominator), give share to a friendly support player and ask him to stack the ancients every '53 second. Or you could do this yourself if you're not harassed/fighting.

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