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    Cant connect to twitch chat

    It's been 3 days that i cant view any chat when i watching stream... there's a loading icon when i watch stream , but the load takes forever.... i think something goes wrong ... anyone has any idea how to solve this?

    watching stream without twitchchat is no fun

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    mb try reinstalling flash or try another browser.

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    I have the same problem too. Help please
    Sorry for my bad English, my mother language is 华语 afterall !

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    .... delete cache.

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    Superior Wildkin
    Jan 2013

    Different browsers. It stopped connecting to chat on chrome for me and I switched to firefox and it was fine and after 1-2 weeks when it stopped connecting to chat, changed back to chrome and it was working.
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    Had the same problem, deleted my twitch cookies and everything worked fine again.

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    that sucks, you'll probably miss a lot of important stuff, like "" or disband "team x"

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    You absolutely don't need that chat. All they type is and some shit like that.
    The thing is I have the same error as you, but it's the most sweet error I ever had.

    Or maybe you are one of those fucktards, and your body is itching to type something retarded

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    Senior Creep

    Jan 2013

    1. Delete cache
    2. Refresh

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    Oh no, you poor thing, couldn't release the daily dose of ?
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