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    Amateur Australian/Oceanic Dota 2 Cup (Pipedream)

    This is an amateur tournament being run by passionate individuals who seek to help boost esports in the Australian/Ocean region and want to provide place for amateur teams to compete in a competitive environment.

    Ladies and Gentleman, when I started this mad foolís venture no one called me anything because no one was around at the time. Though Iím sure if someone had there been they would have said something but thatís not really important. On my mad quest I was given the opportunity to meet many wonderful and amazing people, who thought it was a pretty good idea to support my mad idea and who didnít remark about the lack of prior knowledge of me or what I was actually doing.

    No of that really matters now because I came here today to announce that signups are over. Yes I traversed many lands screaming the message like a mad man and 32 equally as mad and eager teams. These amateur mad men come from Australia all from the uncharted regions of Oceanic to take part in the not so grand spectacle known as THE AMATEUR AUSTRALIAN OCEANIC DOTA 2 TOURNAMENT! This event will put these 32 manly teams against each other to battle it out for the grand prize of nothing but knowing that theyíre better than the other 31 teams.

    TLDR: We have 32 teams so signups are closed and I poorly attempt to be humorous. We will be releasing more info in the coming days, for now you can checkout the bracket out by clicking the link below.

    Team Captains/representatives

    All team captains are required to email me at the official email with their steam username and what team they belong to. I have some of you already on steam but I need to have a way of contacting all team captains when their match is available and so in the event that something fails on my end my staffing team can keep the matches running smoothly.

    I will also be getting an IRC or something similar setup soon, I donít expect nor is required that people who are taking part have to report in at the IRC channel but we are keeping it open so that we can have a line of communication up if a team captain or team canít contact us through steam.


    This is the current rough draft of the timetable, changes will be made based on your feedback but for now this is timetable we will be working off of.

    You can view the bracket here:

    There will be 4 games running at the one time so as to fit within our time constraints. For the ease of understanding in the timetable below I will be referring to them as match sets. EG 4 matches = 1 match set. The tournament will be taking place at the following times:

    Day one/Round 1: 6th of July

    Match Set 1 will take place at 18:00 EST

    Match Set 2 will take place at: 19:15 EST

    Match Set 3 will take place at 20:30 EST

    Match Set 4 will take place at 21:45 EST

    Day two/Round 2: 7th of July

    Match Set 5 will take place at 18:00 EST

    Match Set 6 will take place at: 19:15 EST

    Match Set 7 will take place at 20:30 EST

    Match Set 8 will take place at 21:45 EST

    Day Three/Semi Finals/Finals: 8th of July

    Semi finals will take place at 19:15 EST

    Finals will take place at 20:30 EST

    I will be attempting to get the finalized details to all of the team captains but in the event that I canít get in contact or I donít get in contact please contact me at the Official email:

    The finalized details should be released 3-4 days before the tournament takes place, I would also like to say that I am sorry for not posting an update sooner. My staff and I have recently been finishing up our uni and tafe work so we havenít had much free time but thatís all been resolved and weíre redoubling our efforts.


    • The servers that will be used will be what is best for both teams, however US West and Singapore will most likely be the preference.
    • This will be a single elimination tournament
    • All games will be CM (Captainís mode)
    • Bad manners/sportsmanship will not be tolerated.
    • Dire and Radiant sides are decided by a coin flip by a referee.
    • There are no prizes other than bragging rights
    • All teams must report in 15 minutes before the match is due to start for setup
    • Cheating of any sort will not be tolerated


    As of the currently moment we have a fairly simplistic website in development but Iím unsure to whether we will have it up in time for the tournament. All current information is sadly subject to change as there are many variables to consider.


    If you wish to stream the any of the matches please contact us at our official email as seen above. When you email us weíll need your steam name so we know who to get the match info too and if you have any preferences on what match/es youíd like to cast. Once again Iíve got a few of you added but I need a list so my staff can handle things in the event of any unexpected occurrences.


    Do you need caster?/Will the tournament be streamed? Sadly my upload speed doesn't allow for me to be official streamer for the tournament however GoDz has offered to perhaps stream a few matches. If anyone would like to be a potential caster/streamer please contact me via pm or the official email.

    Skip this if you don't care why I want to run such a tournament

    I want to create place where Australian and Oceanic dota 2 players like me can go and compete on a more competitive level.

    I want to help further esports in Australia as I think we have some really good hidden gems that don't shine or perhaps are forgotten because they don't have a place to shine and as such I'd like to create a place where they can showcase their talents, sharpen their fangs, test their might and have fun.

    Special thanks

    I would like to thank everyone who has helped me make my mad pipe dream a reality and for all those who offered their support. I'd like to thank everyone who is now a part of my official team, you've all been a real help and with you guys I think everything is going to run smoothly.

    Special thanks to a few people, first I'd like to thanks Nite, Godz, RoyTucker for their advice and insight. Thanks to infamous.dfaktzL_ for his help and advice with the IRC and other matters. Thanks to all my friends who have supported me and helped to make this a reality.

    Lastly I want to thank you the community without you this would have never been possible and I'm going to try my hardest to get you all the best damn experience I can, you're all amazing =)
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    Just to make it clearer, is this an online tournament? Which server will be used?

    I'm from Brisbane and looking for a team, anyone?

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    i reckon wait for australian servers before we start this us west is like the only thing you can play on with random isps not working with sea servers

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    Jun 2012
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    i would be intrested in signing up for that. I currently dont have a clan on dota2, have played over 200 games. What server would it be on.

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    I've got a 5 man squad, i'm in =)

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    I would love to play.

    I am an average/above average DOTA player with 4+ years experience. Willing to play any role. V. good at support.

    Steam ID: Loneranger65
    Game ID: Splooosh

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    yeh definately keen, also about 3 yers exp over Dota, but never clanned up, mid skilled, agree with the point about Aus servers (if we ever get there).
    Dota + Cricket + Paintball = Pbfamous

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    JeeDota has already run a few succesful SEA/Oceanic tournaments with a decent turn up, speak to GoDz from GosuGamers/aL if you're serious, he has had experience running tournaments and is a good representative for the SEA scene.

    There is no doubt if you tried hard enough you could find enough interest

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    Umm if your seriously looking for a community of Aus/Oceanic players that cud help you or join you, try theres quite decent players on there.

  10. #10 is also another website that is about the Aus/Sea scene. Just restarted their forum and setting up and Inhouse kind of deal. Still early stages but there is definitely a Sea scene to cater for in regards to higher level of play.

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