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    Ranged Creep
    Nov 2011
    Chicago, US

    How many had TI3 viewers?

    In the last year, TI2 showed us during the last match total amount of concurrent viewers including China 570.000.

    I havent found anywhere numbers for this TI3, cos they didnt show it in the last match and because I am not patient I am making this tread oviously.
    Let me do some calculation.

    Twitch tv had 490kviewers
    In dota tv were about 150k - 225k viewers.
    China had about 150k (it was low, because they didnt have any chinesse team in finals)
    = 800k + Swedish, Korean tv and idk what else.

    I have no idea what exact numbers are tho. I am just trying to guess it, but it seems like the number will be more than a milion.

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    May 2013

    Yes probably more than 1 million-

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    On reddit someone did the math to be 1,012,600 not including television.

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    Is it about 1m?
    dit con me chung may =))

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    1m? woah

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    erm what? i had both dotaTV and twitch on - so they counted me as 2 people?

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    ya but you also got to keep in mind for example i watched with 3 other people and the amount of pubstomps etc. 1 stream view could count possible be 100+ people.

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    i no had ti3 viewers. im the ti3 viewer
    i control u mum

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    Quote Originally Posted by FullOfThrows View Post
    i no had ti3 viewers. im the ti3 viewer

    Also I'll be curious to see what the final number is. I think the record stands around 1.1m for esport event, yes?

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    Dota 2 getting strong! I hope that TI4 will get better and bigger!
    "Everybody started as a Noob"

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