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    BattlePing - A tool to reduce ping.

    Well, I was looking for a way to reduce ping in DotA2 (ye, something like a miracle) when I found this.

    Had enough of lag in games like AION, Lineage II, League of Legends, Diablo 3, Tibia, Tera and WOW?

    Battleping helps gamers achieve a faster connection and improve in-game response time to over 40 games! To see all the games our lower latency proxy service supports please.

    What do you think guys? Could this be a good tool for a better play between international teams?

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    Aug 2005

    Seriously, who the fuck plays AION anymore?

    I wish you good luck with you tool mate, its actually not expensive so it sounds good if it works the way it is advertised. But since this is an advertising thread, the rules demand I close it
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