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    [Questions] Dota 2 Item creation

    Hi to all Dota players out there this is my 1st post. I'm thinking of creating items for Dota 2 to help the community. I have some ideas but I'm having hard time materializing it. And I really dont know where to start. Is there a guide on how to create items and what is the software being used?

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    Those 2 links were linked on the official blog today, so I believe they'll be helpful.

    Art Guide -
    Texture Guide -

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    You should probably know your 3D design.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TehLamz0r View Post
    You should probably know your 3D design.
    As harsh as it is, it's pretty much true.

    I stopped counting the people who added me on Steam in order to learn how to make items. The majority of them abandoned the idea once they knew how much effort you need just to learn the process.
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    ill try to learn it i know its hard hopefully ill be able to learn.

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    Learning 3D design, even of just props such as simple static items, is really hard to learn. I know because I learnt it, and after doing it occasionally for many years, I'm still a bloody noob.
    The commitment required is simply overkill just to make a Dota 2 item.
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