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    Ranged Creep

    Dec 2011

    Valve kinda fucked up with this "russian server" seeing how a lot of people from CIS countries say their ping is worse on Stockholm than on regular EU servers. Russian players actually have no incentive to play on "their" server. I wonder what prevented Valve from setting up this server in Russia or Ukraine.

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    Protip: Don't queue ap.

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    Dire Melee Catapult
    Aug 2005

    Alright folks, it's time to put this thread to rest.

    After 400 posts here I have to honestly say I am disillusioned like fuck. I'm a Dota player for as long as it's possible to be, and I know what this community is like. But when we started this project, I couldn't believe the level of tolerance and mutual respect and simply positive atmosphere we had on joinDOTA. I was really proud of this community.

    Then there is threads like this, and it makes me really fucking sad. It just takes one guy to wave a good excuse in your face (in this case, Russians) and suddenly you don't have to work to improve the Dota community any more. You don't even have to work to improve yourself any more. It's always the others, and it's fucking appalling how much you can hate a couple of guys that never did a fucking thing to hurt you.

    This thread has been kept open for a very long time, a lot of posts, and resulted in a lot of infractions and bans. It was an experiment. You failed.

    Threads like this will from this point forward be closed on general principle. Have a good day
    Thou shalt not rage.

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