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Thread: Dota 2 draft

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    Melee Creep
    Jun 2012

    Dota 2 draft

    Hi everyone.

    I create a small thread to introduce the web site I have created this week-end.
    It is called dota2draft and it is basically a captain mode draft simulator. When you connect on the web site, you are matched with someone else and you both draft as if you were in captain mode.

    The main purpose is to help people interested in drafting to find people to practice with, without launching the game.
    Look of the web site here.
    Link to the web site here.

    It is made in HTML5 / CSS3 / JS, so you may encounter strange design in some browsers (I personnaly use chrome). This is just a basic version of dota2draft, but I want to share it with you. You can send me comments.


    EDIT :

    * Related Issues
    - The page is messed up. If you have internet explorer, wait internet explorer 10. If you are on another browser, try to update. If you have the latest version try to zoom/unzoom (ctrl + wheel) to see if this changes the global aspect.
    - Not loading page ? The web site use lots of javascript, try to update your browser. Give me informations if it is not working.
    - Locked in '>>> Connecting...' : check your firewall / antivirus, the web browser opens a socket to interact with the server. With the new server, it takes something to 5sec to connect (proxy troubles, I need to fix this...)
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    May 2012
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    Just had one practice draft to test it out. Everything went smoothly without any problems at all. It's really easy to use and the navigation is perfect. Appreciate your great work - keep it up!
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    Really cool dude!

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    Quite nice
    If you want to further add something: Option to set lanes would be great, because this is just about a simportant as choosing the right heroes.

    Edit: Worked perfectly in Firefox for me

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    I've just tested it out. Works great. Great job, we appreciate your effort.
    And yeah, just as 3_2_Sky_Dive mentioned, an option to set your heroes to lanes / roaming after the draft, so you can see were your picks actually appropriate, would be nice.

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    Awesome thing you did.
    This should follow up into a MTG style game where u place your cards on field (lanes) and pew pew

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    Nov 2011
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    GOOD. really good
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    your website locked up my computer... twice...

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    looks all messed up on my opera browser :S

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    Superior Wildkin
    Jun 2012

    Man, this is awesome. Works flawlessly in Chrome (win7 64bit)

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