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    Oct 2012

    where is pit lord

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    Quote Originally Posted by Avalanchsky View Post
    Well Phoenix was somewhat OP because of his spirits which healed and dealt damage but AFAIK those spirits were nerfed, right?
    His ulti doesn't do that much damage either, not to mention you can kill him during his ulti pretty easy. Still I like Phoenix.
    I know right? Wait until you will be playing as zaport and your amazing teammates don't know that and just ran away from Phoenix ult instead of killing her.
    Na'Vi The final boss for the aegis!

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    Nov 2012
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    Phoenix has been nerfed so much, much deserved and well done though. He was and probably still will be regarded as one of my favorite heroes. His Dive only does damage and a slow now instead of a 5 second disarm. His spirits does damage and slows attack speed instead of an AoE heal and damage. His Laser does not slow and doesn't last forever anymore, so he can't just Laser anyone down at level 1 anymore. His ulti is the same.
    Earth Spirit on the other hand still has a 5 second AoE silence that hurts. He has a 4 second roll that allows him to initiate from the other side of the map and it makes it nearly impossible to kill him (a decent Earth that is). He has and AoE 2.5 second stun that's basically a level 2 Beastmaster "Roar". He can pull AND push allies out of harms way. He can push away enemies both offensively and defensively. His ulti can deal up to Sand King level amounts of damage. All his spells are spammable and cost 2 mana. Last but not least, his hp and mana capacity is quite high on top of everything.

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    holly shit you guys ... have no idea what phoenix looks like now that it got added to captains mode?... well let me update you as a consistent phoenix player from dota 1 i think i got some insights on it.

    1st the hero is excelent in ALL roles EXCEPT for hard carry: he is decent solo mid, doesnt depend much on mana, has great escape mecanism, has some ganking potential, and could use some levels. He is a beast offlaner for the same reasons, although he has shit armor he has range and a nice escape. and he is a good support/utility, since the hero has an insane amount of attack speed slow by 140% (the new feature of the spirits witch do a nice ammount of DPS that can be refreshed with each spirit) dive does a nice dps and also slows movement speed by 25%. and of course the Egg .. its a great way to draw attention in teamfights and if used solo well with spirits and dive you can get solo kills or make the op team choose to either focus the egg for a good 3 seconds and kill it or let it live and have the spells refreshed with full hp and mana, given the nature of the hero he doesnt really needs too many items, and i allways get treads mek into either book or shivas ... mostly shivas since the hero has shit armor and needs it bad, another item good for him is veil, and halberd ... the hero provides nice utility and i think will be a top pick in the scene

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    give winter wyvern

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    Srsly need techies

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    those are nice heroes, especially terrorblade but TBH i would rather like to see pitlord instead

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    Quote Originally Posted by FearFanForever View Post
    Possibly next Friday that is the Chinese new year. Terror blade would be nice been a while since they ported a carry hero.
    soo we call es ember and legion supports

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    Pit lord is probably the next hero, at least that's the most complete hero according to cyborgmatt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nvacov View Post
    Phoenix ?!?! Switching to league of lesbians..
    Good, no one needs you.

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