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    My Statement to the Community (Regarding Love is in the Air.. event)


    I want to preface all of this by explaining something. As my following evidence will hopefully prove (I have collected statements from the admins, the charity Childís Play, and the confirmed top-donor) I am innocent of the ridiculous accusations leveled at me. The reason I create this thread is to clear up the confusion with the community.

    I actually care quite a bit what the community thinks, and Iím grateful to those who have stood by me, and those who have waited for my response before jumping to conclusions. That said, I understand people will believe what they want to believe.

    What happened, from my point of view:

    I first was linked this thread a couple of hours ago. I had no idea that it was coming, despite ďmonthsĒ of research on the other end. However, I was surprised that Hilger would release something this volatile when, by his own admission, no credible source was able to confirm his suspicions. The same woman that Hilger repeatedly contacted (Jamie @ Childís Play, the project manager for the charity that I had previously corresponded with), responded to my email within minutes. Yet, after over a month and a half, she did not dignify his repeated inquiries with a response.

    If that isnít a red flag, Iím not sure what is.

    The mix-up began when the amount displayed on the widget (around 1,307 USD) was not the same amount sent to Childís Play. After investigating and corresponding with Childís Play, we figured out the problem pretty easily: The widget only tracks the amount of money that is inputted, not the money which is actually sent. The problem lie in the fact that a donor inputted two large amounts (totaling around 600$USD) but later canceled the donation. This sent the money back to him, and left KongoTimeís paypal 600 USD short of the widget amount.

    For those following, this is 1300 Ė 600 = 700. I released full financial information to Childís Play in order to clear this very serious mix-up. As most PayPal users know, a small fee is subtracted when there is a transfer of money. This fee came out to a little more than 30$ on the 700$ sent to the PayPal account, which leaves us with 670$.

    Now, at first, things STILL didnít add up correctly. Childís Play was sent $369 USD at the time of the event. That leaves about 300$ missing. However, upon logging into KongoTimeís PayPal, we discovered that there was around 300$ just sitting in the PayPal balance. I donít want people to jump to the wrong conclusion here, If Kongo wanted to steal the money, he would have transferred it to his own personal account by now, or spent it himself. But the account had not been touched since February. I doubt anyone who wanted to steal the money would steal it so it could sit in a PayPal account, forgotten, for 6 months now.

    Once we discovered this, we understood where the mix-up began. (To be honest, I tried logging in on the account earlier, when all of this started. But it was in German, as KongoTime is German, and the Google Chrome translations were too poor for me to be able to navigate the Search Log function. I saw the remaining money, but I wasnít sure if it was Kongoís personal money, or what. So I did not touch it until we discovered where this all began). When Kongo comes online, Iím sure he will have no problem sending the remaining balance. I would do it myself, except 1. It is not my account and I do not want to make things worse, and 2. I donít speak German well enough to be confident that everything went smoothly. At this point, I do not want to escalate this over any sort of chance.

    This is the statement from Jamie Dillion, Head of Projects at Childís Play (The same woman who Hilger repeatedly tried to contact). In addition, she has graciously offered to answer email inquiries regarding the statementís authenticity. For any of those who doubt it, please feel free to email her at

    ďHi Emily,

    Once the remaining balance is sent, we would be able to confirm the transaction (including clarification of canceled donations).

    We greatly appreciate your support and efforts in this matter. It's a clear example of why it is our Fundraising policy for community ChipIns to donate directly to our Paypal account, as well as why we ask for email contact information in our calendar submission form. Previous to this, I had emailed you to clarify that policy (in response to the calendar submission) and again when we were contacted with concerns by the community, and never heard back.

    Please let me know when that donation is made and let me know the transaction ID.Ē

    Now, I'm not sure what everyone is prone to believe. But would the head of a charitable organization thank me for my efforts on several charity-projects that I have contributed to, if they believed that I was stealing from the organization? The same organization that Hilger's baseless accusations failed to even get a response from? Up to you. When KongoTime becomes available, and made aware of the situation, Jamie has very nicely volunteered to release an official statement from the Charity which debunks the absurd rumors.

    Now, regarding the rest:

    Jeez, the 60 dollars with Diablo. A long time ago, we linked Hilgerís Bank account to my PayPal account. If you want to accuse me of anything, stupidity on both partiesí parts is very high on the list here. My BattleNet account was also linked to my PayPal account from when I purchased games years ago. When I bought Diablo 3, it took it from Hilgerís linked debit card, rather than the PayPal balance. This happened months ago (when Diablo 3 launched). If it had been brought to my attention, I would hae rectified the error immediately. But, he never said anything to me. In fact, when he took over my PayPal an email accounts, he changed my password, so I donít even have access to either of them.

    There are some who might think it is strange that I wouldnít wonder about not having access. But, the reason for my dismissal is that the email account I used for my Paypal was very, very old. I recently cleared Chrome Stored Passwords, so I thought I just had a different password that I couldnít remember. As I stated from my log with Kongo 6 months ago, I donít use PayPal all that often, so not having access to it did not bother me. As for my old email address, I think it had like 9,000 spam Yahoo emails, so losing it (when I didnít even use it) wasnít a problem.

    If Hilger would like his 60$ back, he is more than welcome to contact me through personal means. Iím not sure why he didnít throw me a text, email, or facebook message to begin with, but thatís in the past. As for my personal opinion, I think itís absurd to cause this sort of drama over an unverified accusation (Did it not seem strange when NO ONE with credible information would e-mail you back, Hilger?). It is also very odd that he would not contact me to begin with, when this happened.

    But, if anyone else has further doubts, I also have a statement from the ďtop donorĒ and winner of our competition. He has also graciously agreed to answer queries regarding his statementís authenticity:

    ďAs the largest donor from the "Love is in the Air" fundraiser, I've had the pleasure of interacting with Sayuri over the last several months. I made my donation after doing several hours of research regarding the event, its funding structure, and the people involved. I cannot begin to express how appalled I was upon hearing about these baseless accusations. I've read the thread and can vouch that everything Sayuri has stated regarding the fundraiser is completely accurate.

    There is no question in my mind regarding Sayuri's sincerity, intentions, or actions in this matter.
    Indeed, I find it difficult to understand how anyone knows Sayuri on a personal basis would be willing to level such accusations.

    -Varuka (Thomas Pappas)Ē

    I would include a statement from KongoTime, but he is still not online, and I wanted to get this out there for anyone who is confused, hurt, or just wants some clarification. Once he comes online, it will be my utmost pleasure to post a screenshot of the final amount being sent, as well as provide a full confirmation from the Charity (as they agreed to do)!

    Lastly, I would like to thank my teammates, and all of the community who were so supportive through this. Mikey + Mai, Ars-Art, XBOCT, Miggel, Lust and Dendi especially. (Thanks for the video + dance, Dendi.)

    I hope that next time, if anyone loses 60$ to someone, they donít have to resort to criminal defamation to get it back, when a simple text message will suffice.

    Thanks a lot for reading. If anyone has a question regarding the events aforementioned, I would be more than happy to answer them. I will not, however, answer any questions regarding my personal life, mentioned by Hilger or not. I also would like to mention that I do not consider Hilger to be an enemy, despite this debacle, and hope that the community will recognize this for what it is: a misunderstanding that escalated too much.


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    That other kid making the accusations is a shit can. The Kid honestly, was basing his whole argument off of some serious bull shit. And he ends his accusations with a Hypothetical and trying to convince you he's the man since he sent his $200 back which in all honesty he probably didn't but just said he did.

    Sayuri #1.

    Fuck the haters

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    Not much to say on this matter without being a snitch. I will remove my sig though

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    Screenshots for those emails or it didn't happen. Anyone can make up an fake email and say it's real. At least Hilger had evidence and screenshotted everything instead of just saying Sayuri did XXXXX.

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    Really sad that someone tries to do something for charity, and ends up persecuted like this. The guy who made that other thread is really pathetic.

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    rip dyin children ull b missed T__T

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    At least it's all cleared now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trololol_ View Post
    Screenshots for those emails or it didn't happen. Anyone can make up an fake email and say it's real. At least Hilger had evidence and screenshotted everything instead of just saying Sayuri did XXXXX.
    Here's the screenshot, I thought that by giving out the email address of the party in question, that it would confirm authenticity more than a screenshot. But, I am more than happy to provide one for the community if that is what they request. Some parts have been blackened out, as they contain names.


    Also going to get ahead by posting the Skype log of the top donor.
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    What about the rent and food payments

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